BEST BARBER CLIPPERS FOR BLACK HAIRI had been looking for some clippers to use on myself as well as my regular customers so I have been checking out the reviews of various clippers.



So I went with the Fademasters, the Phatmasters, and the Masters. The Masters are by far my favorite tool of the 3 to the point that I did my research and found out that all of the tools had the same motor but they just changed the casing and blade to have multiple products.

I did not like the blade on the Phatmaster so i swapped it for the Master blade and I had myself 2 pairs of masters. I like how you can hear the actual hair cut as opposed to seeing it cut so you can attack the cut using multiple senses giving you an edge in fades and determining what length you would like to take the hair down to.

However, I also use Oster products as well and they are superiorly powerful in juxtaposition of the Andis products. Your Andis produts will get hot and overheat if you’re not efficient with your cutting techniques and use them continuously for long periods of time.

I personally think Andis are the best barber clippers for black hair.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade (04710)

So I combat this by using multiple tools for different stages of the cut. I rarely have to deal with the problem of not having enough time before the clippers get hot. The Oster Fast feeds are almost the same product as the Andis masters, except for the superior pivot motor, yielding more volts and more power for cutting through wet and thick hair.


So although the Masters are my favorite tool for their features, I can’t fully depend on them on their own, but they’re definitely a great asset for every barber to have. From a barber himself.

Update – March 19, 2013 Andis Masters are still going strong. With routine oil, cleaning, and servicing of your machines you’ll get your moneys worth hands down. These have easily become my favorite clipper to use, the main weapon in the arsenal because of it’s versatility to both cut even lengths, and fade into tapers, mohawks and most other multiple level styles you can think of. Great product!

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